Wednesday, September 17

Voting site is open!!

Finally it's possible to vote for the Scrapawards title. So, if there is anybody out there who thinks I deserve it, please vote??? Unfortunately all the information is in dutch, but if you want to vote anyway, just follow these steps:

1. click on this link

2. fill in first your name, then your e-mail address, then the place where you live (this is all to avoid fraud). You may fill in your phone number, but it's not necessary.

3. then you click on the name you think should win (me maybe?? ha, ha)

4. click on the "stem nu" box, and you have voted

It says you may vote as many times as you wish, and the voters can also win prizes, so you've got nothing to loose here..... I'm figuring I have a very small chance to win this thing, as I don't know that many dutch people, so I'm really depending on your help here. Still, only if you think I deserve it, of course.
There will be a gallery of all the LOs on the site too, but as for now they are still working on that.

And here are today's garden pictures. We harvested our first ever squash, loads of berries (more than on the picture, ha, ha) and Mats had a garden carrot on the go.


Trine {Triurine} said...

Jeg har stemt på deg iallefall! flotte bilder også!
masse lykke til videre, skal prøve å huske å stemme flere ganger! (om det går!)

ninabakke said...

Så flotte bilder :)

Ta deg turen innom