Sunday, October 12

Honorroll at ManiaRunway!

Today was the first ManiaRunway honnorroll! The first weeks assignment was a HUGE challenge for me, since we had to use a picture I thought was horrible. We also had to use a coffie dying technique and real stamps. It was the last thing that got me going, since I have loads of beautiful stamps just waiting to be used. I got my color inspiration from these stamps as well. Since I didn't like the picture, I did my best at (for once) not making it the focal point of the LO. I changed it to black and white, printed it on craft cardstock and used the coffie dying technique on it. The stamps symbolize the 5 countries I have lived in (there is one stamp from every country; Norway, Zwitserland, Germany, the Netherlands and USA). And the title and the text says; I leave a peace of my heart in every place I have lived, which is really how I feel. There are and always will be things I am missing in every country and city I have lived and they will always have a special place in my heart.

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{ Kristina } said...

Så skarpe farger hadde jeg ikke forventet at det skulle dukke opp, men jammen gjor det, og det funket veldig bra også. :) Digger alle frimerkene du har brukt her.